This blog was created to unload what’s inside my head and to tell a story.

This is how I understand my existence.

This is my comprehension of life.

This might be a dichotomy to how you live your life and how I live mine but this is where we meet.

Older posts were actually transported from Blogger, they were mere songs of my once lonely soul. The time when I was trying to traverse the gap between living and existing. When I was so full of labels and tried blending with the norms and fighting to be at the limelight and recognition.

I was the broken pieces of my past but they do not define my existence now.

Writing is a lamentation of my soul, I never was freed until I use words as my weapon.

I write because that’s where my journey began and I am still a work in progress.

I am still understanding the power of now and trying to live in the is-ness and how to perform what I have to perform in my everyday life rather than just to perform.



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