Of Being Awesome

free spiritShe’s heartless. Being so confident about cutting the lines of communication from the noise of the outside world yet she’s able to pull things together. And she always figure things out.

They said, when you reach that point when you don’t care about what other people have to say about you, then, you finally cut the cord that holds your captivity. Of being one of the usuals. One of the normals. And yes, she already does.

Cutting the strings that controlled her like a marionette. Turning her back while tossing her hair.

It’s not being heartless but being freed from the ordinary life where everybody acts according to the standards a few had started. Let’s call her deviant or a psych case, she doesn’t do the same things as everybody does. She doesn’t sing songs, normal people hum or mouth. What’s wrong with her? Yet she has that smile on her face when everyone has forlorn faces. She is, yes, different.

But can we blame her?

She found her freedom and she doesn’t care what we say or think about her.

Isn’t she awesome?



**image from odysseyonline


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