The betrayal had penetrated my innermost core. I was so incoherent of what happened. Why did it has to happen? From those people I cared too much about. I loved them but I turned my back and left. I was bleeding. My tears were unstoppable. I could have stayed because they owed me an explanation and yet when I was walking away from them I could feel the stones they continue to cast. The daggers on my back and the worst of all, the breach of faith and unconscious disclosure they thought was just for fun. But I felt the deceit and the burn seared deep, it put me on fire.

I paid for peace. I chose solitude and built a house from twigs and grass protected my back from dirt and I was never this peaceful.

I walked barefoot. I talked to birds and sang with them. I gave the trees my negative emotions. I breathed out the pains though transient but it was still there. Nagging.

I ate greens and meditated a lot. Sunrise was my alarm clock and sunset was my curtain call.

I closed my eyes early and up after 8 hours of sleep.

I respected even the ants and crickets and worms.

But I have never developed affinity with snakes because they ignited my fear every time, probably because they reminded me of the reason why I left the city and started an unplugged life.


**image from everythingishomemade.com


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