One day, my daughter, she was 13 that time, learned about Haiku and challenged me an impromptu piece about Bravery. I came up with this one.

I took the first step

My knees were soft and wobbly

But I kept walking.


And she wrote,

Very scared to try

Don’t have guts to take a step

But I should, I could.


Simple yet it told me, our minds were attuned at exactly the same things albeit we live separately by circumstance.



**photos from dungeonsanddragons


2 thoughts on “HAIKU : BRAVERY

  1. What a great thing to do with a 13 year old daughter! When my daughter was 13 I was transitioning to menopause. We had some success with writing in a notebook to each other when our moods were volatile. Gave us some self-control. Like those good dogs in the photo!

    1. We could just guide our kids to be better individuals but it’s up to them how they go with their adult lives. Encouraging kids to love reading and writing are the best legacy we can leave them. I pat my back for being the influence of my daughter for these two. Thank you for dropping by.

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