The betrayal had penetrated my innermost core. I was so incoherent of what happened. Why did it has to happen? From those people I cared too much about. I loved them but I turned my back and left. I was bleeding. My tears were unstoppable. I could have stayed because they owed me an explanation … Continue reading Unplugged


Of Being Awesome

She’s heartless. Being so confident about cutting the lines of communication from the noise of the outside world yet she’s able to pull things together. And she always figure things out. They said, when you reach that point when you don’t care about what other people have to say about you, then, you finally cut … Continue reading Of Being Awesome

Enjoy the Little Things

We always think of the world as complicated. That we really have to strive hard in order for us to have a comfortable life. To bury ourselves in debt for us to survive and hate the world for being harsh for it didn't give us enough resources to splurge for high cost education, branded clothes and … Continue reading Enjoy the Little Things